$10,000 Bonus for 10+ Foot Rules

In order to be eligible for this prize, a shark over 10 feet must be caught in accordance with all state and federal rules; in the manner prescribed by the Texas Parks & Wildlife laws & current Sharkathon tournament fishing rules and regulations; and all other rules contained herein.

Eligible contestants:

Only those participants officially entered in the Shark Division of the Sharkathon Fishing Tournament and complies with the terms and conditions of this Contract and Sharkathon’s official promotion rules shall be eligible to compete for the $10K for >10’+ prize.

Requisite qualifications for Prize Award:

1). In order to be eligible, the angler must have present at the awards ceremony at least one adult unbiased witnesses that must attest that the fish exceeded the length specified of 10 feet (120 inches) and all must be willing to undergo a polygraph test to qualify said claim.

2). Eligible species of fish exceeding the specified length of 10 feet (120 inches) must be caught by an official entrant (who must be an eligible contestant) in the Fishing Tournament during the Promotion dates and times.

3). Eligible species of fish: Shark (any species). Exceeding a length of: 10 feet (120 inches). 

4). Eligible tournament waters: Tournament boundaries are from where the beach begins south of the southern Port Aransas jetty to the beach ending at the north Port Mansfield Jetty with the exception of any listed no fishing zones within Sharkathon rules. All fish must be hooked, fought and landed from the surf defined as beach facing the Gulf of Mexico. Wade fishing is allowed on beach front areas. No fish caught or hooked from the jetties, piers, channels, or while in a kayak or other floating device will be accepted as a valid entry.

5). The total number of anglers eligible to participate for the prize shall not exceed: 550, the 550 anglers defined as only those entered into the Shark Division of Sharkathon.

6). Tournament Headquarters: Sharkathon Base Camp will be established at the Padre Balli Briscoe King Pavilion near Bob Hall Pier. Catch entry and prize ceremony will be on the Sunday of the tournament weekend at the Padre Balli Briscoe King Pavilion located near Bob Hall Pier. The deadline to be onsite and submitting your catch or in line to do so is Sunday 1PM.

7). All anglers must fish from surf of eligible tournament waters as per current Sharkathon rules. Tackle make and size may be the option of the angler.

8). Polygraph examination of any winner and witness is mandatory at Sharkathon’s expense and is a condition precedent to any claim’s consideration.

9). If there is a claim, the claim form supplied by Sharkathon to any official entrant must be completed in its entirety and mailed in a timely manner but not to exceed 90 days. Payment will not be immediate as this is an additional policy SHarkathon takes out for this 10K offer. Payment of the additional 10K would be handled as quickly as possible with the company the policy was contracted, SCA Promotions.

10). This is a one prize promotion for the largest shark caught over 10 feet (120 inches) if more than one shark over 10 feet is caught the prize will be awarded to the largest shark over 10 feet. Sharkathon tie-breaking rules apply to any resulting tie in sharks over 10 feet.

11). Those directly affiliated with the conduct or operation of the tournament shall be ineligible to participate in the Promotion and shall be ineligible for any prize covered herein. Those directly affiliated with the conduct or operations of the tournament are already excluded from participating in the Sharkathon tournament as per Sharkathon’s policy.

12). Names and likenesses of Promotion winner(s) may be used by Sponsor and Sponsor's designee(s) for promotional purposes without further compensation to Sponsor or the Promotion winner(s).

13). Each winner, if any, is responsible for paying all taxes on any prize(s) won and must authorize the deduction of such taxes, if any, from the prize(s) to the extent required by law.